ThetaHealing® DNA2 Advanced 23.08 - 25.08.22 

Cairo, Egypt 

In this seminar your learn more about the 7 planes of existence, which surround us. We are going to experience every plane by doing different exercises. You learn how to let go of anger, grief and wows.

The following exercises will be added in this seminar: 

  • Send love in the mothers womb
  • Healing of the broken soul & the broken heart
  • Connect to your ancestors
  • Talk to your higher self  
  • Connect with plants
  • Energetic cleansing of your house and the objects in it

Pre-requisites: DNA Basic

Duration: 3 days 

Energy exchange: 400.- USD 

Registration Fee: 120.- USD


The book and the manual will be given to you in class and are included in the fee. Coffee, tea and Snacks are offered by our partner center Lotus Yoga and Wellness. 

All Seminars that I teach can also be planned by if you do not see the seminar you would like to take just contact me at any time via email.



My heart belongs to the children and animals on planet earth. A fix amount of your consultation fee will be donated to specifc projects for children, or animals.