Crystal Layout


Crystals are wonderful helpers and every crystal has a different energy and frequency. 


In this session crystals are placed on and around your body using a pattern. Like this a safe energetic space is created. With help of essential oils and sound you will go in a deep meditation state and ready to go on a wonderful journey with me. 


During a crystal layout you can: 

  • travel to past lives 
  • talk to your spiritual guide, your soul family, the angels 
  • talk to ascended masters and the deceased 
  • do a shapeshift and become any animal to see the world out of its perspective
  • see where diseases started
  • travel to sacred places
  • activate talents and special abilities and integrate them in your DNA 
  • communicate with the laws


My heart belongs to the children and animals on planet earth. A fix amount of your consultation fee will be donated to specifc projects for children, or animals.