ThetaHealing® DNA1 Basic  

  • How the ThetaHealing® technique has been created
  • Introduction to the seven planes of existence
  • Indentify blockades, fears and beliefs and clear them 
  • Create positive feelings 
  • Clean the body from heavy metal legacies
  • Protection from all different rays
  • Communication with your guardian angel
    and many more.....

Prerequisites:  none

Duration: 3 days



ThetaHealing® DNA2 Advanced

In this seminar your learn more about the 7 planes of existence, which surround us. We are going to experience every plane by doing different exercises. You learn how to let go of anger, grief and wows.

The following exercises will be added in this seminar: 

  • Send love in the mothers womb
  • Healing of the broken soul & the broken heart
  • Connect to your ancestors
  • Talk to your higher self  
  • Connect with plants
  • Energetic cleansing of your house and the objects in it

Prerequisites:  DNA1 Basic Seminar

Duration: 3 days



ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper


In this seminar you learn different ways of digging and what kind of questions are necessary to get to the bottom belief in a fast and efficient way. Digging is crucial to work on clients and also on yourself. After this seminar you will be much more self confident working with clients.


Since this year ThetaHealing Dig Deeper is a pre-requisite for all the other seminars, since it is a very important one.




Pre-requisites: DNA 1 Basic & DNA 2 Advanced

Duration: 2 days



ThetaHealing® You and the Creator 


In this seminar you learn how clearly understand from which plane you are getting your answers and how to distinguish the answers from the different planes. By using a new technique you can easily find out. 


What is the highest and best truth to this question? What is your subconscious creating and why is it holding on to different beliefs? 


In this seminar you will learn a lot about yourself and you will have clear answers in your readings. 


Pre-requisites: DNA 1 Basis / DNA 2 Aufbau / Dig Deeper

Duration: 2 days



ThetaHealing® Manifesting & Abundance 

  • How do I manifest my wishes 
  • Where in my life do I want to create abundance 
  • What role do my thoughts play
  • How do I recongnise a Divine Timing
  • The future is created in the present 

Using the ThetaHealing® techinque, beliefs and paradigms can be resolved and free up the way to your manifestations. Your thoughts are responsible for your future!


Pre-requisites: DNA 1 Basic / DNA 2 Advanced / Dig Deeper

Duration: 2 days



ThetaHealing® Soulmate 

Deep inside we are all looking for true love, for that one person, that loves us unconditionally, just the way we are. We look for that one person with which we can share our deepest thoughts and wishes and that we can fully trust. In this seminar we work on paradigms that hinder us to find our best compatible partner. Loving and respecting yourself is a very important aspect.

This seminar is also for people that have already found their soulmate. With this seminar partners will get closer again and will be able to cleary communicate their wishes. 

Love is every where, open yourself and trust! 


Pre-requisites:  DNA 1 Basic / DNA 2 Advanced / Dig Deeper

Duration: 2 days



ThetaHealing® Rainbowchildren 


These days many children are born to save humanity. They are children with immense intuition and empathy. They are able to communicate with animals and plants and to feel the whole world around them. They are very connected to all that is. In this seminar they learn to better handle their senses and they dive into a world full of wonders and magic.


For ThetaHealing® practioners this seminar is a great possibility to sharpen their own intuition and to trust in it. 

It truly is a magical seminar! 


Pre-requisites: DNA 1 Basis / DNA 2 Aufbau / Dig Deeper

Duration: 2 days



ThetaHealing® Bundle 

Are you ready for a significant change in your life? Do you want to develop personally? Then you should book this bundle of ThetaHealing® Seminars:


ThetaHealing® DNA 1 Basic

ThetaHealing® DNA 2 Advanced 

ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper

ThetaHealing® You and Creator  


This bundle includes the 4 basic seminars of this fascinating technique. After taking these 4 seminars you are free to choose out of many different ThetaHealing® seminars and you are ready to work with clients, or to work on yourself. 


By booking this bundle you will get 3 coaching session with me for free, to support you even better on your way into a new life. If you are interested please contact me via phone, or via the contact form


My heart belongs to the children and animals on planet earth. A fix amount of your consultation fee will be donated to specifc projects for children, or animals.