ThetaHealing® You and the Creator from 20.07 - 21.07.2019

 In this seminar you learn how to clearly understand from which plane you are getting your answers and how to distinguish them. By using a new technique you can easily find out. 


What is the highest and best truth to this question? What is your subconscious creating and why is it holding on to different beliefs? 


In this seminar you will learn a lot about yourself and you will have clear answers in your readings. 

 Pre-requisites: DNA 1 Basis / DNA 2 Aufbau / Dig Deeper 

Duration: 2 days 

Seminar Fee: CHF 420.- 

Deposit: CHF 20.-

Snacks, drinks and instruction material included 

ThetaHealing® Bundle 

Are you ready for a significant change in your life? Do you want to develop personally? Then you should book this bundle of ThetaHealing® Seminars:


ThetaHealing® DNA 1 Basic

ThetaHealing® DNA 2 Advanced 

ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper 


This bundle includes the 3 basic seminars of this fascinating technique. After taking these 3 Seminars you are free to choose out of many different ThetaHealing® seminars and you are ready to work with clients, or to work on yourself. 


By booking this bundle you will get 3 coaching session with me for free, to support you even better on your way into a new life. If you are interested please contact me via phone, or via the contact form