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Michelle Totschnig - ThetaHealing®
Michelle Totschnig - ThetaHealing®

My name is Michelle Totschnig and I grew up in the beautiful Engadine Valley. I soon noticed that people often opened up to me, asking me for advise or help. When I was about 20 years old I started to do future readings. I noticed that people very much clung to what I told them and that was absolutely not my intention. I think that every living being has a free will and is free to take decisions in life. With a future reading I only show them the best possible outcome for their current life situation. If a person takes a decision, their future will change as well.


I am coaching people with joy and love. It is wonderful to see how they change and grow mentally and spiritually during the sessions and how they start to "bloom".


Ich am teaching Thetahealing and I give one on one session online or in person. Also I do Crystal Layout sessions and I offer different creative workshops. 


With love and gratitude 


Coachings & Readings

Sessions can take place face to face at my place, via phone or Skype. Please click here to learn more about these sessions and how they can effect you.


Here you find an overview of all my planned seminars and how to book them. Seminars usually take place in my studio, for bigger groups an external seminar room will be booked. 


I am offering workshops  for Malas and bracelets using high quality crystals on a regulary basis. 

In close collaboration with you I can produce your personal Mala. If you would like to order your special piece, please send me an email

My heart belongs to the children and animals on planet earth. A fix amount of your consultation fee will be donated to specifc projects for children, or animals. 

Michelle Totschnig

Eisenburgstrasse 8 

8854 Siebnen SZ

Tel.: +41 55 460 10 35